it was perfect. and now it's over.

does anyone feel this after holidays? the leftovers, the dirty laundry, the pie that is making my muffin top jiggle more than usual. and the sadness that all the family is gone and it was a wonderfully, exhausting holiday.

i loved visting with all the family, especially my cousin steph and family and aunt and uncle whom we hardly ever see. we laughed, and talked and had 6 kids age 7 and under at all times (at least).  we helped out with her sweet baby jude and his poor tummy problems. all the women brainstormed and attacked his diaper rash and proclaimed a battle cry of "victory!" when it was looking better the next morning.  we had a kid hike down to st. thomas where we forgot hats and gloves and coats and almost froze our children to death. we ate lots of food and let our kids run wild and talked about how fun the holidays were when we were the littlecousins & not the moms and then did a whole lot of nothing.

and it was perfect. (well, it would have been perfect if ALL my fam was there)

and made me excited for christmas.

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Trent & Tara said...

yes i feel the exact same way too. we had my family come over firday night to eat dinner at our house. it was so fun to be the host. i laughed harder than i had in a long time. it is so hard for big families to get together. it would have been perfect if kendra & isaac could have been there too. Its moments like this that just take you back to when you were a kid. no worries, just fun traditions:)Glad yours was good too. And don't worry I added plenty to my muffin top as well;)

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