phew, it's the weekend.

a snapshot before church
a few reasons why i love the weekends even more now that we are 'real' adults. whatever that means.

  1. ty's home for all day saturday and sunday. since school ended this has become quite the luxury. he is always so busy all week long with work, house stuff and an independent study class he's finishing up too. yuck.
  2.  i don't have to do much. saturdays are usually full of a few house projects. there's not a lot of cooking going on or cleaning, we are organizing or moving things or tomorrow, gathering up the last pomegranates to juice. wanna come help?
  3. no school. since lucy started school we are on a strict schedule around here (even more so than before). kindergartners must be picked up at the bus stop by a parent or guardian. and, maybe, just maybe, the school has called me 8 times since school started because i was late to get her. woops. 
  4. church. sacrament meeting is the hardest because ours is at 1pm. horrible time for the phoebes and abby. lucy is always good and helps out a lot. but the rest of the two hours really help me make it through the next week. plus it's nice to see our neighbors faces and catch up a little.
  5. sundays. i LOVE sundays. not just because i walk around in my pj's almost all day. but because we CAN'T work on the house and we all loaf around together. it's lovely. 
  6. internet break. i feel like i need this more and more every weekend. no facebook. no email. no nothing. just quiet at home.


Austrie said...

love the picture! and your dress! see you next week :)

angela michelle said...

That is a fantastic picture! It's a heirloom in the making.

Chels said...

totally agree with those, two! i LOVE that picture. u have a pretty dang good lookin fam, annie. maybe one of these days i can take some shots of you guys to add to my portfolio?? :)

Katie said...

That pic is so retro cool. I love it.

my name is becky kelly said...

i don't look that fabulous when i go to church. i could see people hanging that picture on their walls in their house, just because it's fabulous, not because they know you. a real piece of art. love phoebe's hat and expression.

Trent & Tara said...

cutest photo ever of you guys. you should frame this one for sure.

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