random tuesday

  • tonight i'm demonstrating making  home-made laundry soap. wanna see? Overton Church, 6:30pm.
  • i read my birthday post from last week. oh my snobby. that was a horrible random post. i think i should have titled it "what i want to be like when i'm older". jeez.
  • i want to have a thanksgiving table like this someday 
  • i'm addicted to watching Gilad's workouts on tv. Have you guys seen him? hilarious.
  • this is abby's favorite book currently during nap time. lucy loved it for awhile during the same age. if you haven't read it, check it out. a keeper for sure.
  • thanksgiving is next week. WHAT? i'm not even close to ready. i better get my ingredients together and purchased.
  • abby wore these flared white jeans with a loose top yesterday. all day long i couldn't figure out who she reminded me of. and then i remembered, dazed and confused! and told ty. her hair looked just like his too all she needed was a puka necklace. anyone remember that movie?


Jed Wheeler Family said...

oh yeah i remember that movie. abby doesn't have a patater in her pants though.

Lauren said...

He a lot cooler if you did. Fun post. :)

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