too old to stay awake

last night i went to the harry potter premier with a friend at our sweet little home town theatre. isn't it neat they got it opening night? when we first moved here in 1997 all the movies were a few months old.  i think that's great that they do the midnight premieres and all. i learned a few things though:

  1. their seats get hard after 2 hours. i'll have to bring a pillow next time.
  2. i liked the movie, but don't like how much darker they make it than the books.
  3. i've never liked the harry potter actor since the 3rd movie. he seems so much more snobbish than the real harry potter.
  4. i'm lucky to have such great friends. every day i feel "seriously so-blessed" for all of them. old friends, new friends, far away friends.  but all kidding aside, i really don't deserve any of them.
  5. i'm old and cranky now. i've been dragging around all day long like a zombie.
have you seen it? what did you think?


Jed Wheeler Family said...

And to think I almost went and I'm older than you.
I was afraid it might be too dark.
I don't like the whiny harry-potter actor either and was it just me or did they try to make Hermoine look like Kristen Stewart? (spelling?) ug

PS-kids club cookie changed our world today. thx

Whitney Baldwin said...

Love that theater. How I miss it.

Can't wait to see the movie. However, I will be watching it at a matinee, nice and early with the senior citizens.

And I feel the opposite way--Harry in the books gets progressively more cranky. Too much angst for me.

Wahl Family said...

Dang! we went to Mesquite! Loved that they did get the most important themes out there, but nothing is ever as good as her books!

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