decorate for christmas, and everything else falls apart

i'm starting to think it might just be me that has hyper-sensitive children.  i've talked about them regressing with potty related stuff around the holidays, and although my oldest are way beyond that point, i might just have a pack of pull-ups in my closet just in case. (i like to plan for the worst, it always keeps me pleasantly surprised)

we decorated on monday. and lucy has been absolutely miserable ever since. she's upset at everything and everyone. abby doesn't decorate right. mom's never listening. i don't care. santa's never bringing her presents because she's always in trouble. phoebe's in the way. we don't have a tree up yet. yadayadayada.

abby doesn't want to do anything that's appropriate. draw on the walls? sure! cut up her bed railing? why not? hit mommy? sure, take a swing! brown swipes on the wall? mommy loves it when you decorate. really, truly, she does.

phoebe is still cranky, but her tummy problems are almost all resolved. and she wants to touch every delicate, fragile, irreplaceable thing in the house.

my mom always tells me to wait to decorate until a few days before christmas to keep sanity levels in check. which i just don't have the stomach to do, they go up after thanksgiving. period. so i guess i better suck it up and be happy that my kids are cranky and misbehaving.

don't you just love the holidays?


Danna Banana said...

dance party

my name is becky kelly said...

i promised myself last year that i would not put up my fancy front window tree this year after 2 or 3 broken bulbs last year. maybe in 2 years i will. we put every thing else up though.

reading about you making bread faith said "some time can we go play at their house for a LONG LOOOOOOONG time?"

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