plans for le weekend

  • wrap every present i currently have tonight while either a) watching The Holiday or b) listening to General Conference. i know i need to pick b). but ty has a scout campout tonight so i really want to pick a.).
  • make my holiday baking festival plans on paper. what, when and who i'm baking for. if your lucky you might be on my list so prepare yourself for a caloric overload.
  • rest, rest, rest. i've had a cold for almost a week now. blech.
  • not kill my children. we're at DEFCON 1 over here with their "room cleaning situation" and i'm ready to throw bodies out the window.
  • get some furniture in our living room. since we've moved in our living room has had boxes, boxes and boxes still in it. but not anymore! its' cleaned out and ready for some great handmedown furniture. if you would like to donate, oh, rugs, lamps, armchairs, umbrella stands, coffee books, etc. anything to make our home cozy, feel free to drop it on by!
  • adjust my master christmas card list with addresses. did you move this year and got a card last yer? or would like a card this year? leave me your address or email it to me at anniecleavitt@gmaildotcom. if you would like to send us one of yours (which we'd love) our address is:

PO BOX 1395
our beautiful tree this year. minus four casualty ornaments that bit the dust.


Deborah said...

pick "A" pick "A"!!!!!1

Melanie said...

The Holiday?! How about Love Actually (clean flicks version)? Or a Christmas movie? After a couple conference talks though. You know you'll be glad as soon as the first one starts. :)

Good luck getting all that stuff done - I just pulled out my list of treats and people from last year... time's a tickin'...

Trent & Tara said...

wow you sound busy. That tree is basically flawless, love it:)

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