this christmas

found out phoebe likes dark chocolate

and flushing all the toilet paper down the toilet

went crazy and made cookie plates for neighbors- i still have 7 on my washer to deliver. woops!

gingerbread houses with grandma curtis and aunt sarah

tried to convince our 15 month old that walking IS worth her time. 

made sugar cookies christmas eve for santa

had the house cleaned, ready and in bed by 11:30 for christmas eve.  11:30!!! my best time ever.

slept in our "fort" christmas eve under the light of our wonderful pink furry tree.

the aftermath
we had a wonderful time with loads and loads of family. 
the girls feel loved from every side.

and now we all (almost all of us)  have the stomach flu... again.
despite that, it was a great holiday indeed. the girls get more fun to watch every year.

1 comment:

Austrie said...

1-i really like that picture of the phoebs! 2- i now know to keep dark chocolate in my pockets for her...3-those white ball things on your goodie plates, my fav! yummy. 4- Love the fort!

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