so yesterday morning i wasn't too excited about it being the holidays. so i had a solution. gluten! nothing makes my kids and husband and me as happy as warm bread. it does an awful number on my body though, and i paid for it all night. but it was the perfect fix for my bah humbug blah's. the girls had a blast and it made everything much more cheerful around here.

we used jandee's recipe from here. thanks jandee! it turned out a little heavy, but that almost always happens when the kids are handling the dough. or you forgot how much flour you put in so you added more. yeah, maybe that was the problem. but they still were delicious.

scalding the milk and soaking the yeast
 always keep baby close. and yes, she's snacking on chocolate chips.
 the girls love helping. aaaannnd posing.
 lucy wanted a picture in front of our village. we still need to put up the snow.

the girls and i all had a lot of fun making these. lucy was really good at forming the dough circles. we all used a pizza cutter to make 8 wedges from each circle ( i held their hands to guide the lines) and then the girls rolled them up. i realize now after looking at these last two photos that abby was playing with our big butcher knife. woops. 

i also feel like a new woman because i finally found the battery charger for the camera. i was so embarassed to tell ty where i finally found it (it's been missing for over a month). everyone in my family will understand when i say, "i put it in an important place". a classic line from our mom.


Lauren said...

Nothing like some holiday baking and a butcher knife! Love the "i put it in an important place" line. Glad you found your charger!!

Melanie said...

Looks like fun! :)

Austrie said...

so if i carry chocolate chips around whenever phoebe is around.....she won't cry at the sight of me?!

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