you missed a spot

sunday morning started off bright and early with abby barfing all over her bed. hooray for stomach flu during the holidays!  so the day included doing the church "shuffle": you go to this meeting, i go to that meeting. lots of laundry and trying to have a nice sunday dinner together.

while making dinner i kept running into "sweeping sam." the girls' play broom. sweeping sam is a handy toy, supposedly encouraging helping and cleaning. but he's the most annoying toy in the kitchen. i kept tripping over him where he proceeds to declare, "YOU MISSED A SPOT!"

"ah! someone get that thing out of here before i break it!" i stated in a nice loud voice.

like always, everyone automatically disapeared instead of granting my request. after a succesful dinner, bedtime, and clean-up of all the dishes. ty and i were exhausted, and he was hungry.

i decided to be nice and make him his favorite shake. i was tired, and tried cutting a corner and ended up tilting the lid off and blowing peanut butter chocolate protein shake all over my kitchen.  granted, it was only 8 o'clock at night, but to me it felt like midnight.

"you've got to be kidding me!" i yelled in utter desperation. and then spent the next 10 minutes wiping down cupboards, shelves, baseboard, walls and floor. like i hadn't done that already this morning. but wiping off shake is easier than puke. hands down.

i may or may not have been muttering under my breath on my hands and knees scrubbing and ty asks, "do you need help?"

"no, why would i need help?" i sarcastically blurted out. i was a little angry. just a tad. i mean, c'mon, i already scrubbed everything down and was almost done. so he walks in, bends over and bumps into sweeping sam. my arch nemesis, remember? and that blasted toy has the nerve to shout out, "YOU MISSED A SPOT!"


Tiffany said...

Bahahaha! We have a sweeping Sam at our house too. Easily the most annoying toy ever invented!

Melanie said...

Oh Annie! :) I have to admit I laughed.

Is Abby feeling better now? Hope the whole family doesn't come down with it.

angela michelle said...

that sounds horrible--that toy has got to go!! hope the sickness doesn't spread.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

I hope abby feels better and sweeping sam meets his doom.

my name is becky kelly said...

haha, we did some church shuffeling of our own on sunday. Zack was the culprit.
sweeping sam would have been flung off of the back deck long ago!

Carol said...

Dearest Annie, Your stories make my day and give me a chance to remember the days when I was living your life. It makes me chuckle and say, Better you than me!!! Oh and break up the toy into little teeny tiny pieces. You'll feel better.

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