abby leigh

january 11th, 2007
jan 10th, 2011

you've come a long way baby.
it was so fun watching you last night at your party. you loved your cake. you loved your presents. you loved having "guests" that you had "bited" there just for you. 
you pranced around (like always) dancing and talking and laughing and having a grand time. it was a perfect night for you.

today you wanted pancakes for breakfast and to watch your new movie.
we'll open presents with daddy tonight
and have a pizza party just for you.
here's to you abby, our fun and spunky little girl. 
happy birthday!


Austrie said...

i absolutely love abby! i heard her party was pretty fun...happy bday abby!

Lara said...

Happy Birthday to Abby! She is such a beautiful little girl!

P.S. I LOVE her cake! Too cute!

Meka said...

Sounds silly but your post made me tear up a little. I'm sure you get it.

Happy birthday Abby!

Melanie said...

We hope she had a fabulous day!

By the way, did you get my message on your phone?! I need help! :)

Trent & Tara said...

Annie that cake is AMAZING, great job. Oh I forgot how tiny little Abby was...I can't imagine having a baby hooked up to all of that. Happy Bday to little sweet Abby:)

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