is it february yet?

this past week was the week of weeks. it stunk. i was sick all the way up until thursday when i woke up and called ty at work just to shout, "i can breathe!".  it really did feel so good i had to tell someone. but as i woke up out of my sickie fog i looked around and shuddered at the state of the house and my kids.

highlights of the week:
  1. finally being able to breathe through my nose
  2. only waking up in the night to have to go to the bathroom-not to help sick kids
  3. going to church all together as a family
  4. healthy baby ultrasound-yay!
  5. new trees and roses planted- double yay!
  6. awesome zumba class on thursday!
  7. more than halfway through the pregnancy
  8. abby showing my mom ballet positions, "first magician...second magician...third magician!" 
  9. girls night out on friday. oh! it was heaven, heaven, heaven. just perfect. 
  10. getting a scrumptious dinner dropped off from a friend (thank you!)
lowpoints of the week:
  1. the amount of television and movies my children watched. shudder.
  2. the state of the house. double shudder.
  3. putting the dvd into the microwave instead of the dvd player.
  4. forgetting to get a lot of things done.
  5. horrible zumba class on tuesday- trying to teach while sick is hard.
  6. taking a video tape into the ultrasound tech only to have her squish her face and say, "i think there is only one place in the city that still has a vcr."  actually, it was kind of funny, but sad too.
  7. finding out our dog eddie has become the local vagrant. people must think we beat him and starve him.
 i accidentally put the 4 year old's pajamas on a 1 year old
 phoebe testing her semi-walking skills outside
 rose bed- in the process
 rose bed- finished! we want to add in two more on the ends.
ty snapped a picture of the girls
 the tree swing

1 comment:

Deborah said...

the best thing about stinky weeks is when they are OVER!!!!

So gald you are back among the living.

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