eating my words

i don't have time to sit and blog right now- i finally have a little bit of energy after having the sicklies for almost three days. usually a cold doesn't stop me, but this one was the ugly-stepmother of colds with body aches and all.

it's just that i had all these thoughts swimming around in my tiny brain and had to get them out:

1. don't EVER brag about being happy and having a great life. because immediately therafter a tsunami of depression and trials will crash down upon you. this always happens with me. if i say, "oh, i never have a problem with that," presto! that problem will appear.  case in point: i was on the phone with a friend the other day and we were laughing about how phoebe finally found the toilet & toilet paper in the bathrooms and how all our kids do that. she explained how her boys clogged the toilets by flushing the toilet paper down. i replied with a "i have girls and that never happens over here" tidbit and we hung up laughing. two seconds, nay, one second later i hear a "flush, flush, flush" repeating sound and walk in to see phoebe flushing down an entire roll of toilet paper. yes.  i don't know if that relates to me bragging about things only to have them get worse, but it did to me.

2. i just read this article  recommended by a friend about the importance of holding your baby immediately after birth. what do you think about it? . 

3. january is a hard month for me. what about you?

4. our ultrasound is on monday. i'm trying to rely on my faith and not be afraid that something is wrong with the baby. but i always have that feeling until we know everything is ok.

5. i HAVE to put christmas away today. HAVE TO. it's just sad that i haven't. granted, it's all taken down and just laying on top of the boxes. so i just need to pack the boxes and have ty take them away. oh,  and i'm also tossing around the idea of cutting up my christmas cards and using our family picture to just mail to people with a newsletter. is that lame or what?


Danna Banana said...

the "exhaling sigh of relief"-boomarang effect. I know it oh so well.
I think the hospitals understand the importance of bonding. Is "not-bonding" the source of mental health problems? How do adopted children end up bonded and attached to their non-biological parents? I think much more damage to the parent child relationship is caused by un healthy parenting.

Melanie said...

You were sick?! Yuck.
1.Sorry to hear about the toilet. No fun.
2.I can't decide what I think. I mean, I think it's important to hold your baby and get to know them, but I'm not so sure you need to stress out about making sure you get them in your arms as quickly as possible after they're born. (I can just see some mother, pushing it out and then frantically waving her arms, "Give her to me! Give her to me now!" and then setting a timer for 1 hour.) I can never hold mine right away because I'm being stitched up, but I do as soon as I can. They know who I am. They recognize my voice. I think the author makes some good points, but I'm not sure if her reasoning is completely solid. I'd like to see some more "proof" for everything she's assuming. I think the author has very good intentions, but...
3. January is usually hard for me, and the first week was, but then the schedule got rather busy again.
4. Good luck!! I always feel the same way.
5. I still have some odds and ends to put away too. For the Christmas card, just do whatever is easiest. (I know you didn't ask my opinion, but I thought I'd just let you know.) :)

P.S. You've had quite some interesting dreams lately!

Anonymous said...

Never say never ;)

Wahl Family said...

Imprinting with your baby is totally necessary and I agree with Jill 1000%. They have been in you for nine months and then they are taken right away. They should be put right on you and shown that love. So I think that is very important. Sorry you were sick, sorry that January sucks for you. Love ya!

angela michelle said...

YES, January is hard! We're almost done though.

I'm excited to hear about your ultrasound. I'm betting you'll see a healthy little one. How will you keep yourself from noticing if it's a boy or girl?

I think the article is a bit overstated. I'm all for bonding with baby asap, but I don't think the first 60 minutes are magical.

my name is becky kelly said...

i agree with most of the other comments... having had 5 c-section babies, that is not an option and i think my kids still like me :) well, with exeption of Zack. oh he likes me alright, but he tolerated me for about his first 2 years. I only nursed him for about a week and a half. we just didn't get along. maybe i should have held him for the first hour ;) it does feel good to get Christmas taken down. although our tree is still in the basement, shedding needles all over. there it will remain until our ward christmas tree burn in february (want to come?)

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