a post without pictures

i still have 75 christmas cards left to mail. 75! and don't think i've mailed a ton already. i haven't. i just haven't mailed any. at. all.

i'm thinking about maybe taking my christmas decorations down someday.

abby's birthday is next week and i always get emotional at it (which is big for a non-emotional type of gal)

i wish i could have seen all of my siblings at christmas (and at the same time). maybe i could ask santa for that next year.

i hate property taxes.

my husband is one stand-up, amazing hunk of heroic man. don't believe me? read these two articles about him in our local newspaper, here and here. oh...and here.

i wish i could snuggle up with a book all day today and have a pot of delicious soup magically appear on stove.

i checked out a really good book from the library that i was excited to read. only it got lost somewhere from the car to the house. darn kids.

i may, or may not, have just washed the halloween costumes to get put away into storage.

i miss all the fun get togethers the holiday presented, but am happpy to be back on a schedule too.

ty and i can't stay awake past 9pm.

today feels like a monday.

i'm tired of posting random thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, our lists today are somewhat the same. To resolve my soup issue I might just see if Nathan will do some Olive Garden to go on the way home. Relax, have a jammie day, and hope you find your book :)

Lara said...

Wow. That article about Tyson was good! How dare NDOT say saving someone's life isn't their responsibility. Who was that idiot they have working for them?

Yay for awesome articles!

Danna Banana said...

I hear ya babe. Got my raspberry leaf tea today because of you. Thanks for helping me out.

Bowler Family said...

Your husband is a hero! I feel proud just to know who he is! let alone you're married to him! :)

The Good Ol Days said...

Annie!!!!! First off, I am so EXCITED for your new little orange! If you want to arrange a marriage....Im due May 27th! Secondly, Tyson is such a good & noble man. We dont have many real men around these days. Thanks for being such good examples.
And it must be a winter thing because Chase and I go to bed at 9 too. Actually we are seriously an old couple in young bodies. We really lack that whole wildness of youth thing.

Wahl Family said...

Way to Go Ty!! Between you and him, you saved 9 people. You should go in the flood saving business.

Melanie said...

Your parents told us about Ty - we always knew he was awesome. :)

Good luck with life... :)

my name is becky kelly said...

ha! i was just going to write that we already knew that ty was awesome, then i read melanie's comment :)
that letter from dave cattoor made me feel emotional. of course ty was worried about those people and went to help them. he's ty.
ty's a good boy.

my christmas decorations are in teh process of being taken down, which translates into BIG FAT MESS
we need to play. what are you doing tomorrow?

Emily said...

Whenever I read your blog...I am highly entertained. You've definitely got a gift!!

Your hubby makes the whole dad-gum town proud! :) What a wonderful example.

Have a great day!

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