things i love today...

my heating blanket (that i'm borrowing from my mother-but she'll probably never get back). i can't wait to get into a warm bed at night, but unfortunately, can't get OUT of a warm bed in the morning.

our BOB stroller. we love it so much we have a single (6 yrs old) and a double (4 yrs old). it can get us anywhere we want to go (ok, not so hot in stores but luckily i don't frequent the mall very often. read: hardly ever.) on our dirt roads i can walk through mud, rocks, over bushes, whatever. in utah it got us through even the snowiest trails. really, it takes you anywhere you want to go. ANYWHERE.

my washer and dryer.

my dish disposal.

my dishwasher.

our two heaters that are finally working without problems (fingers crossed)

good causes. my sweet friend jennie is a 'make a wish' girl and there is a great fund raiser coming up. live near las vegas? come join us! go to: and sign up for team Moapa Valley and I'll see you there, Saturday Febrary 5th! just look for the crazy lady with a bright red double stroller!


Meka said...

I'm so jealous you have BOB!!

Terril Family said...

Thats funny that you wrote about your stroller. Seriously just before I popped on over to your blog, I was tracing through old emails trying to find info you had sent me about your stroller you love. Melissa was getting ready to buy a stroller and I remembered you had said you loved yours but I couldnt remember what it was. Funny timing. Glad you like it.

Deborah said...

all great things to love !!!!

having been without a dishwasher for several months ( since before Thanksgiving--and all those poeple for all the holidays!!!--clean up took longer than cooking!!!!) and having the new one now for 2 days--let me tell you about TRUE LOVE!! LOL

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