this time it will be different

my sister-in-law melanie were talking on the phone last week- i have to call her on my home phone because i don't have a cell phone. which i actually enjoy not having, but i just ordered my free one in the mail. whoah, tangent.

so we were talking about pregnancies and eating. ooh, yes i just went there. i was telling her how once i told everyone we were expecting all my motivation to eat healthy went out the window. or should i say flew out the window? it was gone. over. kaput. and giving that it was the holidays i just might have eaten my body weight in muddy buddies and chocolate. yikes.  we both agreed that with every pregnancy our resolve to be "healthy" is very strong in the beginning, and wanes to almost non-existent by the end. why is that? i don't know.  my eating habits were excellent this time around, mostly in hopes to have a healthier pregnancy (success!). protein every SINGLE morning even when i didn't feel like it. big fatty green salad every SINGLE afternoon, even if i didn't feel like it and a sensible dinner and only healthy snacking at night.

now, well, i am tired of salad. and tired of eggs in the morning. i'm tired of crunching on carrots. now i want comfy fatty soup and pizza. that's it. i probably could eat pizza all day long. i said to myself i wouldn't blog about this pregnancy, and here i am doing it. but honestly, do other people experience this? i see mom's who control their cravings the entire time (or so it looks). that is so not me.

i mean, i'm almost halfway- i've got to keep it together right? i'm going to give myself credit though, because i haven't made muddy buddies since christmas ON PURPOSE because i know exactly where they will go.

**** i have to add that i don't eat healthy to "stay in shape" or "be thin". i eat healthy to be healthy and because it's part of my religious beliefs to take care of my body. it's just that my hormonal self is telling me that it doesn't really matter anymore.

in other news, i'm out of good lunch ideas. do you have any? for you and your kids?

i have a few requirements ( i know right?)
-and has to have vegetables in it or on the side (i'm so tired of carrots and celery)

*jandee* if you are reading this, i've been craving your homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese lunch for months. months! sigh.


Trent & Tara said...

I haven't had as many pregnancies as you, but I can tell you I do the same thing. I promise myself, THIS TIME...I WILL EAT SOO HEALTHY AND WORK OUT MORE AND BLAH BLAH BLAH. AND HONESTLY IT WAS WORSE THE SECOND TIME. When you don't feel good and want to eat well...anything to keep you going that is what you gotta do. At least you are still working out, you gotta give yourself credit for that!! I think most girls do what we do...

Emily said...

Congratulations on are amazing!

Just thinking about it means you're doing better than you imagine.

My sis does a healthy food blog
that I contribute to. There are lots of good healthy n' simple ideas...but I must warn you...we are radicals. ;)

Best of luck to ya!

jes said...

honestly, me and pregnant goes something like this: food -- gag. gag. gag. gag. popcorn. okay. pudding. okay. other food. gag.

try this recipe - it's all those things you wish, healthy, flavorful, etc etc.

Danna Banana said...

how bout some healthy tilapia fish tacos? I can zap you the recipe. BTW. I'm making nut butter roasted sweet potato fries tonight.

Danna Banana said...

Look here for inspiration:

audreyspencer said...

Being pregnant is so hard! I always wanted to eat whatever I wanted, but had gestational diabetes with all 3! Allow yourself a treat of some sort. You deserve it. Hopefully you will continue to have a healthy pregnancy.

Becky J. said...

You are the devil! Okay, not really, but I just so happen to have Rice Chex in my cereal cupboard, and I just happened to click on that link you included, and I just happen to be craving something really bad for me right now anyway! A lethal combination for me. So I'm off to make muddy buddies, and it's all your fault! But you know, I'm nursing so I can still justify it, right? (ha!)

Good luck with your own battle! FWIW, you looked amazing before getting pregnant, so you'll be right back there again someday after this one is over, so I say go for it. :)

Melanie said...

I had to laugh when I read this, because the day after we talked I had the same conversation with a friend of mine. :) Those pregnancy hormones are just killer.

Tam said...

check out she's amazing all around. i think the skinny chicken pot pie sounds good.

Jordan and Jandee said...

Of course I'm reading it -- and grilled cheese isn't that healthy, but it is delicious! Speaking of cravings, I'll take your pear gargonzola cheese pizza please!

my name is becky kelly said...

you can make homemade tomato soup? i live in a sad sad little canned food bubble.
um, no, i don't experience this at all. sorry, i'm not with you on this. nope, i eat crap from the very beginning right on through to the very end, and beyond that... sorry, i'm no help. and i think a tear actually fell down my cheek on tuesday because i couldnt' go to zumba... again...

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