hello, it's me again...i think.

i just returned from a weekend at my parents summer (yeah, i know, not summer) house  with my mom and sisters and girlies.

no computers. no tv. cold weather. logs on the fire.

granted, no trip with children is a vacation but it was nice to get away. i don't know if i'll be able to catch up on sleep (abby is a kicker!) but i'm happy to be home taking care of my ty ty and kids and house.

i'm so happy right now for many reasons and so sad for many others. a dear friend just lost a parent, and i lay in bed all night last night in astonishment over how something like this can happen to such great people.

but i think what my mom has always told me just might be true:

most of the time, life isn't fair.

isn't that a big fat bummer?

i think so too.

i'm grateful for my beliefs that comfort me in times like this. that i know where i come from, and why i am here and where i am going gives me a solid foundation during hard times.

and purpose during the good.

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Jordan and Jandee said...

girls week seems heavenly!

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