in our little town

i've been more than hesitant to write about our little town.  a small area and low population means death to a blogger. anything or anyone you write about someone either owns or is related to, so your chances of offending are pretty high.

it's been good for me to try and hold my tongue more- but today the silence breaks.

there are interesting people in small towns. just like there are interesting people in cities, you just bump into them a lot more around here. there is only one grocery store and two gas stations- so no matter your background or mode of living, you rub shoulders with all the walks of life.  the best things i've seen so far since we've moved back are:

-the best she-mullet of all time, with a perm.
-a nice toothless man with a beer belly hanging 12" below his shirt tickling phoebe at the store,  and cooing " how many teefies do you have? I bet more than me!" 
-a man riding his horse on the side of the road, and talking on his cell phone.
-a boy driving a tractor down the street, on his cell phone.

and many other wonderful sights and sounds but yesterday was the icing on the top.

our dog eddie is the nicest dog in the world. too nice. he has made it his job to meet and greet everyone within a two mile radius of our house. we were ignorant to this fact up until a few weeks ago. when we played outside he was there. when we left the house he was there. when we came home he was there. and then the phone calls start to roll in.

yesterday eddie found himself a nice lady dog in heat at the home of some interesting people. i called the number to reach an adult and found myself "enjoying" music while i waited. i've only heard this a few times on people's phones and i find it both amusing and enlightening. 1. it's definitely not boring to listen to a song instead of the ringer, and 2. you learn a lot about from a person's song selection.  at this number i found myself listening to a club thumping rap song. beautiful.

a woman picks up and i thank her for calling the vet and ask her where she lives. she gives me the street name. ok..."and where on the street do you live?"  now i'm expecting an address, instead i get.
"oh, we're the biggest trailer on the street." "
oh, ok, you have an address?"  i ask, trying to bite my lip from laughing.
"we're the triple wide".  she replies.  after a few more minutes she asks her husband (i'm assuming) the color of the house, (who doesn't know the address or color of their house?) and we hang up.

now, i'm not one to snub my nose at a mobile home. a house is a house is a house. but who tells you that they are the biggest one on the street?  i think the fact that she sounded very proud of this statement was the amusing part.  20 minutes later (thanks for watching abby joyce!) i found myself on what seemed to be a scene from the tv show cops. rusty 80's floral couch on the banister-less porch. squashed beer cans, an assortment of cigarette butts next to a tree stump. overturned dirty dutch oven and eddie whining behind the LOCKED fence.  good gracious i was angry.

apparently no one was ready to answer the door as i was told to "hang on a minute" and hear arguing and chatter behind the door.  so long story short (too late), a nice (i'm desperately assuming) lady with a long pajama shirt on and nothing else told me "sorry" and they handed eddie back. he was VERY happy to see me and phoebe and gingerly jumped into the car. we drove away and i marveled that people of that sort live in the "biggest" trailer on the street. 

i'm assuming the residents don't read blogs of my kind. and hoping that their relatives who read this aren't angry- and will alert the police to any criminal activity STAT.


Austrie said...

hahahaha! ok, i know EXACTLY who permy mullet lady is...very nice lady. and that story? geeeez! poor eddie!

Melanie said...

Wow. Good ol' L-town. :) Nice.

Glad you got Eddie back. :)

Toni said...

I think I waited on some of those people when I worked at Walleys

Whitney Baldwin said...

This was awesome. Poor Eddie!

Never a dull moment in a small town, is there?

Bowler Family said...

Oh this is so funny!! Have you met the scary, million year old, SMELLY man, who looks like he has never taken a shower? He always tries to talk to ella nad touch her hands. I flat out told him, don't touch her!!
Plus I think he saw too much of the war, cuz he's as crazy as a bat!!

my name is becky kelly said...

haha, yeah, there are some good ones.... I get frustrated with the rude ones.... "wow, you sure have your hands full! you're done having kids now that you have a boy and a girl, right?" um, i only have my 2 youngest. there are 3 others at home and IT'S NONE OF YOUR FREAKIN' BUSINESS IF I WANT TO SINGLE HANDEDLY MULTIPLY AND REPLENISH THE EARTH! phew, i'm getting sick of people thinking that I am their business!
this was a very good post!

Stuart Humes said...

HAHAHA! Nothing like life in this crazy small town! Well put Annie!

Trent & Tara said...

this post is really funny. We will soon be good old Overton folk like you seeing all of these crazy people. ha ha. Hope you and little baby leavitt are well.

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