my valentime

ty is a sucker for holidays and always gives me more than i deserve (like building me this dining table).

i have to admit- the past few years i've disliked going out on valentine's night, just because #1. it's hard to get a babysitter,  #2. sitting in a restaurant with a million other couples "celebrating" feels a little cliche. so last year we did this.

and this year we stayed in and enjoyed,

a romantic candlelit dinner for two.

and watched one of our favorite movies.

it doesn't get much better than that.

except when the phone rings and automatically jostles us both out of our sleepy movie watching mode- i sat up and asked, "who would call at this hour?" and then looked at my kitty clock.

it was 7:50pm.

did i mention we watch our movies with closed captioning on too?

and i say things like "who would call at this hour?".

we are both a total shoe-in for the retirement home. i'm cool with it as long as we'd still be together.


Danna Banana said...

look at those cutie patootie valentine decorations on the mantle.

Whitney Baldwin said...

Now THAT is an ideal valentine's day.

Brad and I are the exact same way at night--I'm always irked when the Elders drop by just before 8pm and I'm getting ready for bed. I'd like to blame our early nighttime shutdown on the fact that Brad has to be to work at the crack of dawn, but I think I am just hardwired this way.

Let's all four of us play shuffleboard at the retirement home together, shall we?

Becky J. said...

We watch movies with closed captioning too! I hate not catching everything and having to rewind, so now we just always have it on. And I say things like "Who would call at this hour?" also, so we'll come join you two in the retirement home. We'd have a blast together.

p.s. Love the table! How fun Ty can make it for you himself!

Deborah said...

LOVE this table! ( and you of course!) glad you had a great day!

Tam said...

We felt old this Valentine's Day. We went out to eat and were the only couple under about 65 years old at the place because it was so early in the evening.

Laurie Smith said...

He made you a table??? Ty Leavitt, you are a real man. A very real man.

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