random shtuff

  1. i deactivated my facebook account. i'm trying it for a week and if i'm cool with it, will probably delete for forever. it's just something i've been thinking about for awhile. i.e. i spend time on there instead of doing what needs to be done.
  2. now i'm having panic attacks about how/when/where i'll keep in touch with people. what about so and so back east? or that cousin that travels? am i becoming a hermit? waaaaaah!
  3. i keep having dreams that the baby has special needs. it's not fun.
  4. valentine's day was so great- and now i'm a huge fat slump. cranky, irritable (aren't those the same thing?) tired, unmotivated. my body cannot tolerate sugar, and no matter how many times i learn this i still wolf down those hershey kisses on V-day.
  5. i've been getting the nicest comments lately- and i usually don't mind if i do/don't get comments. but one sweet gal wrote, "have a happy day!" and boy, is that just what i needed to hear. so thanks for reading this, all of you. (even though i don't write for my readers, woops! don't take that personally!)
  6. i finally painted the baseboards in the living room/dining room. have you ever put something off for, oh, i don't know, forever, just to find out it only takes a little time? thanks to my mother-in-law we tackled that entire thing in just over 4 hours. yes, i waited 7 months to do a 4 hour job. yay me!
  7. i now have the ambition to get ALL of the baseboard and trim and doors painted before the babe. because let's face it, i have much more time now then i will for the next few decades or so.
  8. i gave myself 10 minutes on the internet this morning, and it's over. goodbye virtual world. have  a great weekend.
 we've been wanting to take the girls camping here for forever. sigh...someday right?


Austrie said...

Yosemite! That is so pretty...i'm excited to see more of your house the next time i'm down!...errr april :)

Danna Banana said...

drive south to my house...pick me up and we will take the girls. IF Luce can handle "weirdo Aunt Danna" again! (wink!)
Hang in there kiddo. You are going to be just fine. Your feelings of dread are only an allergic reaction to your fetus.
We are all rooting for you.

jes said...

I miss you Annie.

Tammy said...

I read your blog :).
Ahhhh, Yosemite...we went there in November w/the kids and it was fantastic. Hope you get to go soon!

Emily said...

Your blog is great. I love that you do it for yourself...that keeps it wonderfully simple and yet it is still so inspiring.

Good luck with Facebook. I must say...being a hermit has it's perks. ;)

Hope your weekend is lovely!!

my name is becky kelly said...

p.s. i've lived in my house for um... 5 years and still have baseboards to paint. yes, i know they won't take very long. do i do them? nope... way to go you!

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