wind of change

its a blustery day today. even biting cold for a desert climate. somehow i can't help but feel cheated by this weather we have here.  in climate should i need to wear gloves and a hat at the bus stop with my children when in several months i could die of heatstroke by 9am. where's the balance?  granted, we've had some lovely and mild winter days, but NOT ENOUGH BY GOLLY.

there, enough about the weather. but i swear the wind (or my hormone levels) has done something because...

my taste buds have changed. ( i can hardly stomach the salad i've been eating for months-blech)

my book/tv/movie interests have changed.(i could barely finish the second hunger games book-blah)

i have energy now! wahoo!

with all this energy is a to-do list a mile long that i want to accomplish:

finish laundry room,

paint furniture, baseboards, doors and trim.

make nursery bedding for the baby crib that will be in our room for awhile.

sew the living room curtains.

do this craft for the baby.

spend lots of time playing with the girls.

learn how to keep the kitchen clean while simultaneously making delicious food. (i have no idea how to do this)

plant my front flower bed

sew more pillow cushions

make world peace

and invent calorie free ice-cream.

i think i should be able to do all of these things by next week don't you?
i was looking up yellow nurseries (that's the color of our walls) and found this little ditty. 
i think i might ask ty to learn how to make those shelves.


Trent & Tara said...

very cool nursery. I bet Ty could make those he is amazing. Don't you hate it when you can't stop adding to that mile long list? It's so bad when your nesting and prego right?

Jordan and Jandee said...

Love the nursery. I had a friend that used rain gutters to make shelves like that, pretty nifty...I'm sure there is some sort of tutorial on someones blog. Glad your energy is up and if anyone can make world peace next week its you!

The Good Ol Days said...

Cute yellow room! Its bright and cheerful. I want to sit in the chair and read or rock my baby.
Make sure you post about those cute shelves...a how-to maybe?? I love them too and I think Chase needs to make them!
Okay my friend, a little favor...I remember a while back you posted about a book. I can't remember the title but it is a book about children's sleeping habits. Chase and I started talking about sleeping babies and it reminded me of that post. Do you mind letting me know when you get a minute & if you have any other tips or books for first time moms & dads that would be great as well!! Thanks!
PS. what the heck, my belly bump is huge! Like a house huge...yours is cute and pretty. Jealous!!!

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