phoebe is officially 18 months. for every mother this is such a blessed and sad day. blessed because they are mobile and independent. sad because they are mobile and independent. in mormon culture 18 months is a big marker because they enter the children's nursery for 2 hours on sunday. one nursery leader asked, "is phoebe ready!?" and i replied, "yes! she just started pinching, stealing, saying "no" and running away!"

all kidding aside. we love this little ragamuffin- even if she does pinch and steal.

her latest words are:

da buh!- the bus (ty says it sounds really close to the man in the waterboy)
date doo!- thank you
lyla-cousin lyla
lyla- cousin evelyn
ella- her friend ella
babby-lucy (don't ask)
awi- cousin ari
kiiiieee!- kitty
EDDIE!!!- eddie
daaaaaIIIIIEEEE!- daddy
boppa- grampa
momma- grandma
mommy- mommy
wawa- water
wa- walk
wing!- swing
iwannawing!- i want to swing
tada!- tada!
orry- sorry
UGH!- give me that, i'm done, get me down, let me go, go away (take your pick)

she loves to eat:
and fruit
green beans
and almost every other type of food
she's kind of a foodie


Austrie said...

DA PHEEEBS! Better start teaching her how to say my name....i'll be home in 2 weeks! ;) haha (with a pocket full of m&ms)

Anonymous said...

Spoil, hug and kiss her!!! I'm pretty sure we would all be happier if we got more hugs and kisses! Chandra

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