and then there were none

our cats catch a lot of things. mice. gophers. birds...rabbits. rabbits? two weeks ago we rescued the cutest baby rabbit you have ever seen from the jaws of our tom cat. seriously, cutest thing you've ever seen. i was talking on the phone with my sister and she said, "you're gonna get rabies, or some other disease and die from that thing." to which i responded, "well, then i'll die the happiest person in the world".  it really was like holding a little piece of beatrix potter.  we gave it a nice little home, attached our hearts to it died.

ty had to bury it early in the morning on saturday before the girls rose. lucy broke down when i told her her bunny had made it's path to the happy hunting grounds. she takes any animal death quite personal. ty was amazed at the amount of tears and sobbing. after an entire day of weeping and drawing pictures for our sweet bunny, may he rest in peace, i looked over at ty and mouthed the words, "no more pets".  so of courese, being the man that he is went out that day with his friend mike and came home with a gecko for the girls. which died the next day. seriously! we are like a little pet cemetery over here.

so yesterday morning when our cat deposited another wounded baby bunny on our porch i put my foot down.

"oh! yay! another bunny for us!" abby squealed in delight.

she wasn't very happy when i set it free to "go live with it's mommy again." but i did take a few pictures. lucky enough, the litter of bunnies (are they called litters?) were not as cute a week and a half later so it was easy to say goodbye. take a look: not half as cute as our first one.

and here is abby in her outfit from yesterday. she made mud puddles and pies while i paid the bills. i hope everyone notices she is wearing a swimsuit, in march. if i could only find a way to bottle up this weather and open in up in july.

here are some fun links:

spiritual uplift  here

more news form my cousin in Tblisi, (sp?) Georgia.

i would love to win the lottery and buy all 3 girlies this matching dress. it's so very von trapp family.

so happy for piper and her parents.

i got rid of facebook. gasp. shock. i know!  i also can't believe how much time i have now either.  *disclaimer* i don't necessarily think facebook was the problem. it was more of a "it's not you, it's me" relationship deal. i'm going to be honest here, because i think networking with friends from around the globe is an amazing opportunity. but personally? i spent 90% of my time on it judging other people.  i know right? i am, deep down, human after all.


Emily said...

Ahhh...Beatrix Potter...dreamy!

And...sad loss for Facebook...happy gain for you! Congrats!! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Bowler Family said...

Poor bunnies! They just have weak hearts! I rescued one from my cat one time and my dad said he let it free, but I have suspicions it died of fright!

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