get a life

this week lucy's school is practicing the national "Turn Off the TV Week". luckily, we have a student who brings home every paper the second she comes in the door- shoves it in my face and tells me 100 thousand times what it says (because she's already read it).  I am always well informed about what is going on at school. and i know in a few years i'll have to dig through abby's backpack to find a permission slip that's covered in old apple slices.

we talked about it all weekend, not watching tv. and monday morning i taped up the little announcement on the entertainment center. so far, so good. both girls know it's off and haven't asked. on normal days we have an hour to hour and a half limit on the boob tube- but when i'm pregnant. well.........let's just say it's a tad bit more than that and not go into details.

ty and i aren't too worried about us. i've had a firm rule since having lucy that the tv is not on for me until the kids are in bed at night.  unless i'm really sick (only exception).  so usually ty and i watch one episode of something, and it's usually something on ESPN. and seeing as regular season hasn't started up yet for the Red Sox, and spring training games are boring, we're not missing out on much.  i am missing watching CNN for Japan stuff but am relying on my BBC ticker on google.

we had a great first day and i look forward to all the things the girls will play with this week (like their toys!)

yesterday we:
-played with modeling clay
-sidewalk chalked
-went for a long walk
-ate lunch outside
-had FHE outside
after the girls went to bed ty finished an ebay listing on the computer while i put my feet up and quietly read the new Pottery Barn bed and bath issue. when i read home decor magazines, i like to pretend i have oodles of money and can do whatever i want with the house. it's fun for a few minutes. then i throw it in the recycling bin.

the sad part was seeing the announcement from school state, "IDEAS OF WHAT TO DO INSTEAD OF WATCHING TV." 

in other news, my cousin steph just moved to the Capital of the Republic of Georgia until July with husband Paul all three boys!  after saying goodbye to her on the phone friday before her 30plus hours of plane rides and layovers, i looked at my life and laughed at how uptight i get just about thinking about packing the car for a weekend trip to Utah.  basically, i need to relax a little.  i can't wait to hear and see about their adventures abroad.

so how about you readers? ( i hardly ever ask you to do things) you up to turning off the tv for an entire week? i'll even give you a free pass from yesterday. c'mon, do it! see what amazing things you can actually do with your life, like read a book!


Danna Banana said...

Last night I thought I would go to the library and see if I can order a copy of "Lark Rise to Candleford"

Emily said...

You are such an excellent writer! I love reading your posts!!

We actually tried going TV-less when our daughter was a baby...and we liked it so much that we gave our TV away. That was 8 years ago. ;)

Good Luck to you!

Tiffany said...

We tried the no TV for a week thing a few years ago and ended up leaving it put away for a year! It was awesome. I remember thinking it was so ridiculous when people talked about all "their shows". Even after getting it back out we didn't watch it that much.

We are thinking about putting it away for the whole Summer this year. I agree though, when I'm sick and pregnant we just HAVE to have it. Good luck with your no TV week! :)

Vyanca said...

Luckily I have boys who love to play outside, it's hard to get them to come inside to eat!! They usually do that outside too!

Cate said...

we have just moved and haven't had TV for over a month!! it has been really nice. Unfortunately The Husband and I have found other ways to waste our the computer. :)

angela michelle said...

You're brave to do this when you're pregnant!

Last year we'd roll a dice every week to select a "Screen Free" day. (Initially the kids thought this meant they were free to have as much screen time as they wanted.) I'd always kind of groan when I first realized it was screen-free day, but then it often turned out to be the funnest day of week.

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