good days and bad days

i was so productive yesterday. cleaned. organised. played with the girls. made a healthy dinner while keeping the kitchen clean. i know!  finished reading Rebecca (holy twists and turns).

today...not so much. i tried to get so many things done. ok, but it's hard to describe where the day went south.

 8:00 am- kids are fed and dressed-and we are waiting for the bus.

 8:30 am- enter local thrift store.

 8:31 am- realize phoebe must be in stroller for thrift store. it has stairs! phoebe has a stair addiction.

 9:00 am- phoebe's 1st nap

somewhere between 9-11 i lost track of my plan for the day. the breakfast dishes sat in the sink. i mowed the lawn (i counted this as my workout-phew!). played on the swings with abby. thought about doing a load of laundry. made some medical calls and appointments. snacked.

11:00am- phoebe's up! all plans are put to a halt. we have a smoothie and go outside to bask in the sunshine.

12:00pm lucy's home- picnic lunch on the lawn. it was hot! i rolled up my jeans & tried to tame my albino legs. lucy tells me all about school and the bus and her teacher and stickers and stamps and clothes and animals and willnotstoptalkingfortheloveofallthatiholddear.

12:45- put phoebe down for second nap. she was walking in circles screaming at herself. oh my.

1:00pm- quiet time. this is what i like to call my "lunch break". all children are sequestered to a room and must be quiet. i know right? what kind of a natzi am i? in my opinion... a smart one. without that break everyday from my sweet cherubic children i would run into oncoming traffic. just kidding...i think. i spent too much time on the internet instead of putting my feet up and reading. but i had finished a book- and didn't have a good one on hand. so i moped around and hung up some pictures. blah.

3pm- all the kids are awake. the house is a mess and dad is coming home in an hour. YIKES. instead of cleaning, we played outside some more. my house is really feeling neglected right now, but i don't care. in a month or so it will be hotter then you-know-what and i'll have all the time in the world to dust and mop.  no energy...but plenty of time.

daddy left for boy scouts early and i'm on my own. no biggie, but after 3pm has been cranky pants time for me lately. i took the older girls to the store for a distraction- only made things worse.

5:30pm dinner. i think i yelled 5 times

6:00 baths

6:30 phoebe goes down. hooray!

as of right now i'm counting the minutes till i put the other two  in bed. yup, i'm blogging while they are in their room playing.  awesome mom award goes to me!!!!!

tonight and tomorrow morning i know what to pray for:

patience with my kids

patience with myself


peace in my home.


Carol said...

You never, EVER pray for patience. Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor and you are just asking for it. If you get one thing done in a day you are ahead of the game. And yes playing with your girls counts!

Melanie said...

Carol, that's so true! When I do pray for patience with my kids, I invariably have the most horrible kids on the earth the next day...

Annie, it was a good day. Maybe not the best, but good. :) You mothered. You fed. You loved. And they know you love them.

Emily said...

From the outside looking are doing wonderful work with those adorable girls. Don't be too hard on yourself! I know...much easier said than done. But really...I am sure you are doing much better than you think.

Be happy...and have a lovely day!

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