you can't always get what you want

every free weekend or weekday hour that is not committed- we spend on the house. outside, inside, on the property, trying to fix things. during 9 months of this process we have learned one thing:

 1. for every one thing you fix, at least one other thing will go wrong or break in the process.

we thought this only pertained to the house, until yesterday.

for a few months we've been wanting to take our dog in to the "professional" groomer here in town. note the quotation marks. being as it was christmas and birthdays and money going other places-he had to wait.

but yesterday was the day! i was a good dog owner! he was going to be groomed and clean and pretty! i took him to the groomer  and went to the park with some friends. 40 minutes later i'm back at the groomers because they "couldn't complete the job."

"he was biting me. i've never had a dog do this" the groomer exhaled with her hands on her waist and a role of her eyes. at first i'm thinking, you're a DOG GROOMER and you've never had a dog nip at you to stop handling his property?  but i believe she already had it in for me and eddie when she knew that we had gone 6 months without grooming him. the HORROR.

i'm thinking, no biggie, he's just not finished. and then i see him. poor, poor, poor, eddie. a shame of the town. he looks like he has leprosy, or undergoing chemo, or the plague.  really, you have to see it to believe it. i had no words to tell the groomer. she didn't dare ask for any money- i just took eddie and left. speechles, which is rare for me.

i told ty on the phone on his way home from work, "eddie didn't do well at the groomer's"

"it's ok, we'll fix it" he assured me.

"yeah right" i thought as i hung up.
please tell me how you fix a HACK JOB like this?

 rest easy, we still love him just as much.
if not more for pity's sake.

*i might add that they had nicked him in two places and there was dried blood. i also will add that i firmly believe he was biting them because they were trying to turn him into the ugliest dog on the earth. you don't SHAVE a wheaten terrier, you trim them. professional groomer my foot. 
hmmph. i feel much better now after venting.


Tiffany said...

I needed a laugh today and I got it when I saw that picture! Oh, poor dog. That groomer sounds like a joke. We have done horrible, horrible things like that to our dogs when we have tried to groom them ourselves but I guess you can always give it a shot!

Whitney Baldwin said...

Oh my holy heck. Poor Eddie looks like a Chinese Crested. Yiiiikes.

This is by far the funniest thing I have seen in some time.

Danna Banana said...

your dog looks like it has mange....AWESOME!! that should keep people off your property now.

The Leavitts said...

YA, that lady is a idiot. Josie bites her to, thats why she always looks unloved!

Taryn Robison said...

oh poor eddie! although that's kind of a hilarious picture haha i miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I could only try to imagine what you were telling me about yesterday. No wonder he didn't want to leave the porch. Crazy lady! Poor poor guy.

Austrie said...

hahahahaha! yes...that is...sad. poor eddie. except w/the experience ty has with we called her, i think eddie has a chance!

Bowler Family said...

Oh my goodness!!! You could have taken the weed eater to him and had it come out looking better!! What a hack job! Poor eddie. Maybe no one will notice....?

my name is becky kelly said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! that is the saddest thing in the world! i love it!

Anonymous said...

Next time you need a "professional" dog groomer give me a call. I have clippers too :)

Chelsea said...

hahah I laughed out loud when I saw this! So sad :( I hope that it gets fixed soon. Poor poor guy. But so funny!

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