what a great weekend:

talking on the phone with friends who live far away

listening to our Church's General Conference.  my favorite talk so far was this one

something about not having to get 3 little girls ready for church this weekend rejuvinated me

visits with aunt sarah and uncle taylor and aunt taryn

beautiful spring flowers and chirping birds all around our house

and the fair is this week. we haven't been in a few years so we are excited.

things are looking good...finally!


Trent & Tara said...

we had a great weekend as well. it was so relaxing sitting around our house Sunday and not having to go outside in the blizzard we had here. Trent hasn't been to the fair in like 6 years, and me almost 5. We are excited to go too. Evelyn can't wait either.

Whitney Baldwin said...

I cried like a baby during that talk-- it was one of my favorites as well.

I am so bummed to miss out on the fair, which seems silly to say, but I am.

Watch a swifty swine race for me.:)

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