a long weekend before easter

we left all of our animals to go on a trip this weekend 
(seriously didn't realize how many pets we had until we had to leave town)
aren't the kitties hilarious? more pictures will come soon.
we had not stayed in a hotel with the girls for over 2 years
they had so much fun eating sugary cereals, playing on the balcony, watching cartoons with commercials (so funny!), and swimming and swimming and swimming. 
the only requirement from now on for a hotel is: indoor pool. they slept like rocks.
everything about the hotel fascinated them. the elevators. the phones. the coffee maker. the jetted tub.

 on friday we attended uncle trent's graduation from BYU
it was a lot of fun to see him accomplish such an awesome thing.
*and i was proud of how the girls survived the 2 1/2 hr ceremony
 the leavitt and adams families
how neat is it that my kids get to spend so much time with grandparents and great-grandparents? we take it for granted until i see pictures like this, and think, they are so lucky.  i hope they know it.

on saturday i rounded up the girls and took them up to campus while the non-pregnant people helped pack up trent and tara's house. we had so much fun with cousin evelyn at the bookstore and the candy counter to see chelsea (we love chelsea!). those three girls run around like little peas in a pod (phoebe would have too if she wasn't strapped to the stroller 75% of the trip). we waddled slowly home and everything was already done! perfect timing. 
we followed trent and tara home and the entire trip the girls kept asking "is evelyn in front of us?"..."is that evelyn right there?"..."is she really moving today?".  i guess you could say they are more than excited to have her close by again.

i couldn't beleive how much the girls remembered about BYU and provo. the streets, the houses, their friends, the buildings on campus. my only regret is we didn't make it to the Museum of Art for the Carl Bloch exhibit. drats. but we did get a lot of swimming in!

i'm glad that i decided to tough it out and go and enjoy the girls on a mini-vacation before the baby comes. and i hope they remember it too. because we have less than 8 weeks left. but i've never made it past 39 weeks, so really, less than 7! (but i remember a little saying about 'never say never') ha ha ha

*bonus!* i got to have a late night date with jandee on friday : ) it was heaven my dear!
*double bonus!* we ran into our lovely neighbor and the girls' nursery teacher Coral Werner from our old ward AND our friends the Sandovals from our old ward just by happen chance. it was perfect! we wished we could have visited more people but it was a pretty crazy & busy trip.


Chels said...

I love you guys, too!! Missing you already!

Bowler Family said...

You are such a good girl. I would have pled pregnancy and foregone the 5 hour car ride!! Yay for only a few weeks left! Single digits now! Oh the envy.....

Trent & Tara said...

ok i love that family shot of all of turned out really good. I might be stealing that from your blog.

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