so you don't feel left out

here's everything that we've been up to, that actually matters enough to talk about.

-first and foremost, lucy lost her first tooth! for a few days she had been complaining that it hurt a little. i thought that all the sweets at the fair might have catapulted us into cavity land. i mentioned a quick, "well, we'll just have to go and see grandpa"  and let it at that. but in the bathtub a few minutes later i hear a "MOM! MOM! MOM! I think it's loose!" after i verified the fact, that yes, she had a loose tooth, she became so excited she started to crylaugh. you know, where you are laughing so hard there are tears coming out of your eyes? yeah, she did that.  she's been waiting a long time for this to happen. 

-ty and i don't communicate well enough. lucy lost the tooth the next day and i assumed that ty would have a dollar bill. i used to get a quarter, but hey, inflation right?  it wasn't until after 9pm that we decided to hit the hay and play a little tooth fairy. come to find out, there is not one $1 bill in the entire household. unless you wanted to break into their piggy banks : ).  so ty digs into his memorabilia and pulls out a wrinkled 2 dollar bill. what the? 2 bucks?  but we figured, he used to get $2 bills for teeth and she can get one for her first. cause it's special and all. 

-lucy takes things to school to show off to her friends. and she comes home with multiple things that aren't hers.  silly bands top the list of foreign objects brought home. i'm thinking i need to start patting her down before the bus comes in the morning, because apparently she took her $2 bill to school to show off. ah! embarrassed mom moment right here.

-phoebe has been a pill with a capital P lately.   sure, she's easy, when she's sleeping! but inbetween naps and bedtime i can barely keep my calm around her. she's defiant, and fast and ONERY.  i kept lamenting this to ty and anyone else who would listen. is this the terrible two's already? and i was waiting to find out, hoping that my sweet baby wasn't gone until 4 years old.  until i changed her diaper today and noticed two humongous molars cutting through on top. her gums were all red and tangled up in the mess. ouch!  so far she's teethed like lucy did, wherein we have no clue it's going on until a little ivory tooth is just glaring at us.  but i'm hoping these culprits (plus a few in front coming in) are to blame for all the fussing. please, please, be teething.

-abby is delightful in every way imaginable. she loves to play and laugh and sing and dance and buttoned up her own pajamas the other night. i can't believe how much older she is starting to look and act. she says some very sweet thoughtful prayers and always takes care of her sisters.  i'm very grateful for her loving nature. as my mom once said, "abby soothes your soul" and she really does. just a few minutes of one-on-one time with her can refresh me a million times over.  ps: she still lacks hygeine skills and eats like a pig (we blame this on uncle taylor) 

-i am large and in charge. i'll grace a photo of my rotundness soon.  i feel fantastic though. not uncomfortable and nothing out of the ordinary (knock on wood). the only exception is, i am still as tired as all get out. i can barely get anything done during the day. it's quite pitiful really. i hope my kids will forgive me for how lazy i am these days. and with 8+ weeks to go, we are in for a long haul.  the baby still moves like crahazazy during all hours of the night and when i try to drive or nap. and my fellow moms will be happy to know i've experienced my first sore ribs. i've never had that before but this baby seems to be carrying much higher than the other girls were. every day i have a feeling of what the baby will be. but i let it pass...because so far i've felt like i was having 3 boys. and...i have 3 girls. hahaha.  i'm so intuitive!

-ty is very busy. i know in years to come i will look back and laugh that we feel busy right now. but we do. he comes home from work and goes straight to work on the house. if he's not fixing something, he's adding on something or changing something or who knows what not.  it all is greek to me. but i'm grateful for how hard he works, (but it always makes me feel so lazy). plus, i think after all these years together he deserves an award for putting up with me.  we've enjoyed watching baseball at night and old movies together. it's the only time he sits down in the day. how does he do it?

ps-lucy told me today that someone told her the tooth fairy isn't real. and she flat out asked me if i did it, or the tooth fairy did.  my only response was, "well, what do you think?"  i am definitely not cut out to have older children yet.


Rebecca said...

Aubree knows the truth about the tooth fairy, Santa, and the Easter bunny... all enlightenment gained in the past 6 months. She asked, we said "what do you think?" and that was that. :) In some ways it's easier -- the pressure is off and she likes to play along for her younger brother and sister's sake.

Next time you're at the bank, get a roll of gold dollars. That's what the tooth fairy leaves at our house (just $1), and having a roll of $25 stashed away means we are always prepared. Plus, the kids think gold dollars are so cool they refuse to even spend their tooth fairy earnings!

Annie Leavitt said...

thanks becky! the gold dollar idea is genius...and yes, i'm afraid she's already figured it out too. oh well

: )

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

i'm glad to hear that someone else is feeling as exhausted as i am! i only have one kid to take care of while i grow this baby, but most days i can't even imagine getting up out of the chair i've plopped myself down in without a major mental pep talk (or the sound of something breaking in another room...or silence, which is the sound of something about to break). it's a special kind of tired. i daydream about nannies or multiple sets of visiting teachers who are dying to watch my kid while i sit and/or sleep.

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