a few random things

  • i made it to 37 weeks! all by myselfs! well, not by myself. i'm pretty sure prayer has kept this baby in. all we keep asking is that it will come when it is ready. please, please, when it is fully baked.
  • i hate reading amelia bedelia books to the girls (sorry mom, i used the H word)
  • but last night lucy was reading this book in bed and giggling. that makes up for it.
  • we played all day long on the water slide, it was glorious
  • the girls laughed at my maternity swimsuit that i squeezed into
  • ty scrubbed out our bath tubs for me. i love him.
  • i got my hair did and a pedicure this week. makes me feel like a million-jillion dollars.
  • someone at church couldn't believe i had less than 3 weeks left. that made me feel good too.
  • i got to visit with chandra today. it was too short of a visit, i really enjoy catching up with her.
  • did you know she's a nurse? yup, i call her with all of my much too personal prenatal questions.
  • i was up all night with back labor...reminds me of lucy (i had it for two weeks).
  • i have no control over when this baby comes. tomorrow? next week? 2 weeks? 3?  the only thing i know is that someday, somewhere, it will decide to come out.
  • i have no idea who the kardashians are and why they are famous. 
  • we had a great memorial day weekend filled with family, friends and food. hope you did too.
  • oh, and i need to clean out my fridge and go grocery shopping. 
thanks kristen! it's awesome. ty smiles everytime i wear it.


    Tam said...

    cute post.

    congrats on making it to 37 weeks. i've two more weeks 'til I get there and hope i make it, as this baby feels like it's sick of the womb and ready to break loose!

    looking forward to the big news!

    my name is becky kelly said...

    oh i love Frances. we have a bargain for frances but the pages are all loose. it's very old. i need to get them some new frances books.
    i've been waiting for pictures of the shirt! it's great. it somehow makes me want to be pregnant again. is a cool shirt a good reason to bear a child? (please wear that shirt to the hospital)

    Anonymous said...

    I like the part when you said "I got my hair did". It pretty much made my day. I'm glad things are going well for you guys, and I hope you know that you are in my prayers. Best wishes in the coming days and weeks!

    Love always,

    Kaytlyn M

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