funny girl

abby is hilarious.

and i'm not using that lightly.

she can say and do the funniest things- but here's the catch, she doesn't know it's funny. recently she's been getting upset at how much we laugh at her. but it's hard for ty and i to hold in the laughs until she rounds the corner.

yesterday grandma leavitt watched as abby ever so gently played the piano with two fingers. pressing the two side-by-side notes alternately, tink tink, tink tink, tink tink, with her face very close to the notes. camille said something along the lines of, "abby, you are playing so nicely!"  to which abby responded, "i'm trying to find my roly poly".

yes, she was letting bugs crawl over the piano keys.

dear aunt sarah,

we don't know how wise it is keeping your piano here. we've only had it 6 days and there is already a live roly poly missing inside of it.


your leavitt nieces

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Melanie said...

Oh sweet Abby! :)

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