how to do a dry run: the expert edition

  1. take it easy all day long. don't go for long walks. no heavy cleaning or any other exertive activity that would warrant labor.
  2. be really cranky and emotional all evening long.
  3. at 10 pm try to fall asleep
  4. 10:30 pm realize your back is on fire. 
  5. 10:35 pm- ask, "why is on my back on fire?" to yourself. 
  6. at some point you realize it's back labor
  7. take a nice long warm bath to try and soothe the pain
  8. read a chapter of your book
  9. try to lie back down
  10. begin contracting irregularly
  11. woops- now they've been regular. 5-8 min apart. and you've got that nauseous, crampy leg feeling. yikes!
  12. wake up husband, call mother-in-law to take care of kids, wake up mother.
  13. leave for hospital an hour and 20 min away
  14. arrive at hospital
  15. continue having strong, regularly consistent contractions 2-5 min apart for an hour
  16. remember how much those puppies hurt
  17. wait for dr.
  18. dr. realizes you haven't slept all night long. sends you home with instructions to sleep off the contractions.
  19. take a bath and a 2 hour nap.
  20. contractions stop.
  21. go home.
  22. rinse and repeat

*we are VERY happy to be home and not having a baby. it's just still too early for this little one.  every day i'm pregnant is a huge victory. i think we are home due to prayers from family and good friends who know how important it is to bake a baby : )

**all of the contractions weren't for nothin. cuz this baby dropped and settled so nicely. i can breathe and eat again. bonus!

***remember this shirt? well sweet kristen made me one! i can't believe how sweet she was to do that. she's expecting a little boy and is busy busy with her girls. i can't wait to take a photo in it-maybe tomorrow.


my name is becky kelly said...

she's a better friend than me. i thought "that would be awesome if i made a shirt like that for Annie" and that was the end of the thought :) good work Kristin! I'll start posting things i want on my blog to send you sublimiinal messages.
i can't wait to see a picture of you in that shirt annie! hopefully i get to see it on you in real life. that would be more fun

Emily said...

Wow. You are a trooper! Keep up the wonderful work! So excited to read about your newest angel!

Have a Splendid Day!

Lauren said...

Oh oh! I want to see the Rodeo shirt. How fun. I hope she made one for herself too! Sorry about your dry run. When's your due date? Are you getting close or is it scary early?

audreyspencer said...

Seriously want a shirt like that for my next pregnancy! You may have to hand it down to me...I say that saying to Levi all the time. I think it's so funny. Hopefully the baby stays in a little longer!

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