old pics

ty and i are not technologically advanced. i'd say more...challenged. we finally just retrieved all the pics off of his cell phone and are amazed! oh my goodness, some of them are old.without further ado...
(disclaimer- ty and i only get the free phones with renewal- picture quality is what it is)

lucy's gymnastics graduation 2008
 funny bald abby
 disneyland '08
 ty out and about
american museum of natural history  2008
 dinner from a gift card
ty at work. BYU autoshop
 baby phoebe!

byu basketball game 2010
found a snake on a bunny walk-2010
 being silly 2008
dress ups- 2008

1 comment:

The Leavitts said...

We need to learn how to get pictures off of our phones too! We have some on there from when Grace was a baby!!
I hope your feeling good and maybe if the baby decides to stay "in" till Saturday we will see ya at the Leavitt reunion!

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