the pediatrician

the night before the girls' appointments i tossed and turned in bed (par for course now). seeing as our doctor is an hour away again, these visits don't exactly get me too excited.  let's just say the thoughts kept mulling in my head of, "they don't really need their well visits done this time" and "i'll just call and cancel" and "phoebe can get further behind on her shots, i'll get her caught up later"   but then i realized i am never going to have as much time to take care of these older girls as i do now. so we went...

i remember the days where i used to get them looking all cute for these appointments. nice hair and nice outfits. to what? impress the doctor? how did that make sense? but somewhere in every mom you feel like if your doctor thinks you are doing a  good job then you are. what? maybe it's just me. doesn't really matter now, because we just go as we are  #1. phoebe will just be stripped down for the entire time and #2. i just don't care anymore. either that, or i'm too tired to care right now.  besides, if someone was going to call child protective services on me, they would have done it a loooong time ago.

so after the regular check of all physical developments and milestone markers where i pretend to know what's going on with my children, our pediatrician and i tried to talk about some topics of health we've been dealing with. during the discussion phoebe ran around the patient room with just a diaper on, bossing abby and stealing toys away from her. saying "no" more than a dozen times and throwing stuff she didn't want at abby's head.

at the end of our discussion the doctor looked down at phoebe, looked back at me, and then said, "well...good luck when the next one comes along!"

oy vey. i'm going to need it.

now don't think i'm throwing phoebe under the bus here.
she's an awesome little girl.
she's just, how do i put it?


the end.


Danna Banana said...

Aaah. Blessed karma.

Stephanie and Paul said...

This post was infinitely funnier with danna's comment :-) love you both!

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