what i wish i would have known...

i look at mothers of large broods in awe now. honestly, anything after 3 seems so daunting to me. i want to corner them at the supermarket, the hardware store, the post office. i want to ask them so many questions and get so many answers. think cate blanchett in indiana jones 3 "i vant to know everyting!"

how do you feed them all? (our cupboards are always bare with just 3 now)
how do you give each of them individual time?
how do you keep your house organized? the laundry clean? the chores accomplished?
how do you get quality time in with your spouse?

but most importantly i want to ask these mothers:

what do you wish you would have known 
that you know now?

i was inspired after reading my cousin's wifes post here
 please feel free to give as much advice as possible.

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angela michelle said...

i have that feeling too. i want to go snoop in their drawers and see how they do things. don't ask me how to keep everyone fed. i'm afraid it involves a costco card and 2 million dollars.

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