it was the best was the worst week

i feel like i can almost take a breath of air for a few minutes here. every day things have been getting better and better, with some sprinkles of hard times in between.

the highlights of the week were
1. having my sister danna here to help ALL WEEK LONG! yes, every morning she arrived bright and early to take care of me and phoebe and abby and lucy and the baby. we laughed and played and had serious talks and pow wowed over the girls' different needs right now and how to take care of them. we cleaned together and watched BBC dramas together and had a grand time.  she made sure i got at least one nap every day. heaven help me, a nap every day! it helped me to not kill the other children.

2. baby rodney. he is still a sweet little peaceful soul and his peter is all healed up. yay! and thank goodness, is starting to go a litttttle bit longer in between night feedings. bless his little heart-i love him but sleep deprivition is my kryptonite.

3. the girls are settling down. a littttttle bit at a time. the tv and computer are on 24/7 along with our air conditioning. we are all inside the house like it's a blizzard out.

the low points of the week:
1. the car a/c died

2. my bestest, most favorite, most expensivethingi'veeverpurchased dryer died. blah.

3. one of our children who will not be named snuck onto the computer while ebay was on and purchased a $350 dollar cabbage patch doll. yes, that was not $3.50, but three HUNDRED and fifty dollars. ahhh!

4. ty's work truck a/c died. (he fixed it)

5. and then ty's work truck died. (then he fixed that)

6. our home phone is on the fritz too. (why not right?)

6. the girls broke my favorite hair brush. not that i've been using it lately, but someday i was going to blow dry it again right?

7. we received the hospital bills yesterday. really? can't they just wait another week or so?

7. i've tried to write the birth story a million times, and just don't know how to do it. here's a sneak peak: i had my first baby without an epidural. and i guess i'm still trying to figure out how i feel about the entire experience, plus it was pretty blurry for about a half hour or know...near the end : )

but here is a picture of our week:
two week old baby rod
 this is how i look 21 hours of the day that i'm awake
 this is usually how much fun the girls had with auntie danna
 oh, we miss her already


Trent & Tara said...

that bottom pic of Rod is so adorable. hard times for sure. holy crap cabbage patch doll rough. Your kids are too smart.

miss texas said...

What a good lookin man-child! Hang in there Annie! By the time I have kids all of yours will be grown and you can just laugh at me and enjoy your peace and quiet!

Melanie said...

What a week! I'm so glad Danna was there to help you out. It makes a world of difference to have a couple extra hands those first couple weeks.

Sorry to hear about all the stuff dying. What a mean joke.

What are you doing about the doll? Can you cancel it?

Terril Family said...

Things will get better, they always do! best wishes for a better upcoming week.

P.S. Little Rod is such a stinking cutie! Makes me super excited to have a BOY!!!

angela michelle said...

Annie, I am so feeling you. Totally unfair for anything to break right now. Prompt hospital bills are so rude! Help psychoanalyzing the kids is the best part of baby helpers.

Mark says congrats!

Anonymous said...

Not the dryer!!!! That is a sad, sad thing. It was so beautiful. The ebay thing...maddening now but someday you will laugh. It really is kind of funny and impressive for she who shall not be named. Rodney is a cutie. He needs to stop growing before I can hold him! Deep breath and one second at a time.

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