it's the end of the world...and we know it

there's a huge fat elephant in our house these days.

and it's not just me.

change is lurking in the corners of the family room. in the bedrooms when i turn of the lights at night or put their shoes away. when we visit friends or plan a trip for the summer. change. change. change. i can hear it all the time.

no matter what happens with this baby, or when it comes. things are never going to be the same. i watch the girls play together, so carefree and easy. i listen to lucy's excitement over her kindergarten play and things her friends have worn/said/did in school during lunchtime, realizing next year she will still be at school at lunch.  i watch phoebe put on her shoes, squeeze the kittens to pieces and scoop her cereal trying to remember all the little moments. i don't want to forget or feel ungrateful for all that i have.

i'm also beginning to realize how much faith it takes to accept another little soul into your family.

in less dramatic news, we attended lucy's ballet recital last night (i can't believe she is my daughter when she's up there) and abby exclaimed this at the dinner table:
  "What if the baby EXPLODED out of your tummy? hahahahah!"  not funny abigail. not funny at all.

 phoebe biffed it on the swings outside yesterday and has a nice little road rash on her face to prove it.


Taryn Robison said...

hahahaha oh abby... that's too funny! i'm bummed i missed lucy's recital, mom said she did really well!

Melanie said...

I don't know how many times i wish I could just stop time so I wouldn't forget things. Make sure you're writing it all down ('cause I'm sure there's lots more that doesn't get on the blog.)

Are you video-taping them? Lots?

Abigail is pretty funny. :) Wish we could see her more.

Miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

How cute is little Lucy as a little ballerina?! You are so smart to just be and sit and soak up your kids. Precious summer moments.

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