it's JUNE

yesterday morning i forgot all cleaning activities and went to the park with friends. the weather was more than pleasant and it was great to let the girls get out and about.  i was surprised to hear my phone ring, and see that cousin Stephanie was calling me from here. I picked up to hear her lovely voice sing "happy june! you made it!"  it was great to chat with her.

and yes, if the baby is a girl, the name June is in the running for her middle name.

at the dr's yesterday we didn't find any new news. my body has done all the work it can do except go into active labor. every morning ty asks, " do you feel?"  today i replied, "i feel so good. i'm pretty sure this baby is never going to come. at least...i'm sure not until i get really uncomfortable"  he laughed and went to work.  my body is so ripe i feel like a walking biohazard. i've considered having a sign put on my back that says, "WARNING: babies falling"

in other news, here are some pictures of the girls this weekend. we had a great time.

 lucy cut the strawberries for breakfast, arranged them and wanted me to put the picture on the blog : )

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The Leavitts said...

I am glad that you have made it to June, But i am ready for this baby! I need me some little newborn lovin!!!!
Hope you are feeling good and we will have to come and play next time on your water slide!!

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