my man

 the repairman for my beloved dryer was scheduled to come tomorrow. yesterday i came home from swim lessons with the girls to find tyson "fiddling" with it.  i almost, almost, almost asked him to stop touching my dryer. i'm thankful that ty is a handyman, but my washer and dryer are no touchy touchies for the kids and him. automatic time out my friends.

and just as i opened my mouth to ask him to stop he said, "i think i fixed it." what? what? holy guacamole i hope you are right. so, i took a deep breath. pushed the start button and stepped back.

guess what? he fixed it.

he also fixed the whole $350 dollar ebay mess up too.

and he's fixing my a/c tonight.

i need to make him chocolate chip cookies or something to say thanks. but i know i'd just end up eating them tonight in my marathon nursing session.


Terril Family said...

Don't you love having a "Handy Man" around all the time? It has saved us so much $$$ in our marriage having Mike fix everything. Love it!

And when I was telling Mike about your crappy week and the cars and A/C breaking, he just said, "That stinks, but at least Ty knows how to fix them" :)

Glad things are looking up.

The Leavitts said...

HEY!!! I havent forgot about you and that little baby, life here just got so busy I feel like I have just been playing catch up!!!
Call me if you need anything, Grace keeps asking when we are going to go see if you had the baby!!!!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Yay for husband handymen. Also love this sweet picture.

Melanie said...

Oh good! :) Ty gets a gold star from us!

Anonymous said...

That is the most adorable picture! He is definitely a keeper!

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