our hands are full

and we love it


Jordan and Jandee said...

dying over these pictures....he's such a handsome boy!

The Yardley's said...

So cute! What good big sisters. Don't know if I can wait all summer for our hands to be full!!! I have got to quit snooping at your blog, it's making me so jealous!

Stephanie and Paul said...

I want to see the girls in their matching dresses! And i think all newborns are piranhas. And start at the back when you change a boy diaper. Because you can! And then go from the top to get the sides :) sounds like you are doing a good job of embracing the craziness and enjoying some awesome moments. just remember your own advice--don't go anywhere or attempt anything heroic for 3 months. And I totally blamed you for making three look easy!!! Lol!

Emily said...

Such a sweet baby boy...with such loving big sisters! I was the third daughter in my family...and I can well remember when my mom brought our first baby brother home. We spoiled him so. Baby Rodney is one lucky boy! In fact, all 4 of your little ones are super lucky to have you for their mom.

I hope you are well.

Have a wonderful day!

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