seen and heard

dr: so, how are you feeling?
me: physically? great. mentally? not so great.
dr: do you want to schedule an induction date?
me: no, no. i want to go on my own.
dr: good for you. well just don't go tonight because it's my anniversary.
me: ok. i'll try not to.

do you have any idea how much i wanted to say YES!!!!!!!!  and schedule an induction date?

but no, no, no. i sit and patiently wait and hope that i can make it till Wednesday.

because that's when my mommy gets back into town.

here's to a great weekend.

ps- if i make it past saturday it will be my record for gestating! i've never made it past 39 weeks. this is getting kind of cool! and also making me wonder if the bun in the oven is different than the others (do i dare believe it could be a boy?)

one of my roses


Emily said...

Hang in there, ya cutie!

There was this time that I gestated to 42 June. Not so fun...but, as you know, well worth the wait. :)

Sometimes those buns just like to be well done.

Best wishes to you.

Have a wonderful day!

Austrie said...

hmmmm good theory! that would be fun....a boy that is! :)

Anonymous said...

Blog surfing again, and I always enjoy yours, but 39 weeks???!! Come on-you have nothing to complain about until you go for 42 (Yes, I did that on my FIFTH kid) My 4th was 41 1/2 weeks. I honestly don't know how long I went with my 6th, I didn't even put a due-date in my mind-too discouraging, but YAY for no induction-going on your own makes labor so much quicker and easier (in my opinion.)

Kay Barlow said...

That last anonymous comment was mine-Kay Barlow-I obviously don't do much "blogging" cause I didn't even know how to leave a comment with my name, but I didn't want you to think some crazy woman with lots of kids was leaving random comments/advice. (However, I do have a lot of kids and on most days "crazy" is probably an accurate description :)

angela michelle said...

Congratulations on making it full term! Best wishes to you. Can't wait to see your new one.

Anonymous said...

Since no one has said Congrats on it being a BABY >>>>>><<<< I don't want to be the first but still a congrats to you having the baby already!!! Amanda M

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