seen and heard

me: well, i've got good news and bad news.
tyson: oh, go for it.
me: the good news is is that baby rodney lost his umbilical cord.
tyson: uh huh
me: the bad news is, is that i can't find it.
tyson: what?
me: well, it was gone this morning, so it fell off during a diaper change in the middle of the night.
tyson: gross.

*we found it this morning

all the girl cousins were prancing around the room in new matching dresses.

me: oh, watching them all makes me kind of sad Rodney isn't a girl.
tyson: not me!

*it was really funny at the moment, i guess you had to be there.


Carol said...

I think it is funny!

Anonymous said...

Well about the cord thing-we had a cat and when Estefan lost his.....I had to smack its head (the cats!!!) so he could give it back!!!!-Amanda Monk Can't wait to see the little guy *sigh*

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