baby boy

guess who gave me the sweetest little smile first thing this morning?
it sure makes waking up with spit up and poop all over me worth it.

*check out his gorilla sized hands. crazy huh?


Terril Family said...

So sweet. Makes me excited to have a newborn again.

P.S. I love that his pillow he is resting on is pink. That's going to be my poor son... everything in our house is PINK.

Melanie said...

So cute. Love him in his church outfit too. Are you having fun with the boy clothes? :)

The Good Ol Days said...

Okay, is it just my son or are you experiencing the most powerful little pee streams and gigantic explosions of the rear too? Max seriously pees on me once a day. I am new to the newborn phase but WOW, its seems like boys are wild. I have a feeling Max and little Rodney could be great friends. And in two weeks, throw in little baby Mikey and we could have a future goonies squad on our hands! Just say'n....(and maybe a little TMI but sometimes I think Chase's tooting around the house and it ends up being Max! Is this just going on in the Fred fam or what??)

Trent & Tara said...

oh so cute of him. he is getting chubbier all the time. cute cute.

Gabrielle Evelyn said...

I believe the baby boy is just making his sweet dream~~

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