baby wodney

he loves to look out the window in the morning

how can you not love those chubby chubby cheekies?


Melanie said...

It's so fun to see a baby boy on your blog. :) I'm glad you're getting lots of pics of him. He's so darling.

Lisa Powell said...

Annie, This is Lisa, Mike Terril's aunt. I couldn't restrain myself from commenting. I just wanted to congratulate you on your darling baby boy! He is a very handsome addition to your beautiful lil family.

Gabrielle Evelyn said...

WOW~Cute baby!!Love~

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Trent & Tara said...

what a cutie, i still think he looks so much like daddy. but i am catching a glimpse of his sisters here.

Toni said...

My what a beautiful baby boy!! But then all of your girls have been beautifl babies so not too surprising. I hope you are adjusting to another little person that needs you,and are able to take time for you if only for a few minutes.Congrats on another healthy beautiful baby,you do good work.

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