it's like someone slipped super bloom into his milk

i've been in denial the past few weeks. i just couldn't bring myself to put together all the clues of what was happening. i was sure that the onesies were "weird sizes" and that's why his 3-6 month outfits were hard to snap. and i ignored the massive thighs that size 2 diapers just aren't quite covering anymore. or the two legs sprawling over my lap while he nurses. but yesterday at church i looked at his huge feet at the end of the car seat. THE END! i have to computer scream that at you because i just couldn't believe it. i leaned over at ty and said, "look at his feet. they are at the edge of the car seat already!"  this usually took around 4-5 months for the girls.

and then, i could deny it no longer after our appointment this morning. this boy is huge. and i quote my dr "that is one big boy." 13lbs, 5 oz and 24" long. that's 85% for weight and 100% for height! what happened to my dainty little girl babies?  ty thinks it's "so cool" that's he big and burly while i'm weeping in the corner and eating a ding dong in mourning.

there is no more newborn baby here at our house. he's a full grown monkey child.

oh! and you have to see him in person, he has the most gorgeous olive complexion and dark brown hair. what a lucky kid.

*on a different note, he cried more today after his shots than the girls ever did. which just backs up my theory that all men, when injured, are big fat babies : )


The Yardley's said...

I was noticing you yesterday at conference walking in and out with your kiddies! You look amazing!!! And he is a little moose, so cute!!!

Danna Banana said...

Chubalicious Chubbykins.

Toni said...

If you have to have a big one its nice when its the boy and not the other way around,imagine DALLON AS A GIRL!!! I'll just leave it there.

Melanie said...

Go Rodney!! Our boys were the same. :) It's so fun to see them get so stinkin' chunky! :)

(And my boys always cry more for shots than my girls too...)

Trent & Tara said...

holy growth Rodney, end of the carseat oh my. That is crazy. It's clear he is a boy who loves to eat and has his dad's long legs. he he.

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