one week

we have exactly seven days till the school year begins. and if it's anything like last year, it will be over before i can blink.

i feel like my life launched into warp speed with this baby. next monday is the first day of school, then we have full on birthdays and holidays till January. after a few months of recovering from that, and usually battling illnesses for a few weeks, it's the end of the school year and the baby will be one. one!

we have lived in our house a year and two months now. and that just flew by without me even knowing it. for all the we have accomplished, we have a long list of more projects. we are learning to love the process though, and are very grateful for our home.

for now, i love walking into our living room and seeing my curtains that i made, my fun throw pillows that i don't ever want you to look too closely at, and my rooster from aunt nancy. the picture on the wall is a magnolia, one of my favorite trees, the vase is from a dear friend, and tyson purchased the bloch painting for our anniversary.  i love this little corner of my house, and not just because it's always clean because the kids don't play in here. ha!

ty and i laugh because besides the table he made me, we have been given every piece of furniture either by kindness, luck, charity, or from a dumpster. for reals, i literally pulled that lamp out of a trash can. so here's for frugal living! hip hip hoorah! hip hip hoorah! hip hip ican'twaittosomedaybuythatethanallencouchforinhere!

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Anonymous said...

We all need a little place to call our own...a corner in a room, a workbench in the garage, a "don't touch" craft table or a man cave.

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