seen and heard

 "so, how many weeks old is he now?" - ty
"um, 6 weeks now"- me
"annie, he's six weeks old already?"
"um...maybe." and then i ran away and hid in the girls' room.
(only a mom would know why this is funny)

"BABY WOWIE!!!!!" phoebe upon seeing rodney being held by our neighbor

"baby wowie wying!" baby rodney is crying. -phoebe

"nobody loves me!" - abby who is currently suffering from middle child syndrome.

on sunday tyson was trying to dress phoebe in tights, while the older girls bounced around trying to tell him something at the same time and then rodney started to cry. he stood up and exclaimed, "where did all these kids come from?!!!"

last sunday at my parents house i picked up their readers digest to see the breinholts in there! so cool.

"he (rodney) sounds like a squeaker toy"- lucy


Melanie said...

Hahahaha! I bet Ty found you pretty quick. :)

Trent & Tara said...

lol six weeks i am hiding big time. YIKES, scary scary!! Rodney is so cute.

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