14 weeks tomorrow

 trying to get rodney to smile for the camera

can you believe 14 weeks has passed since little dude arrived? i just can't believe it. it's like our family switched from a 747 to the concord as far as time traveling is concerned. every week flies by like the blink of an eye. but the sleepless nights with 102* fevers and throwups seem to take a decade.  that is life though, and we are trying to make the best of it. i find the in the blur of making lunches, driving kids around, managing homework, church callings, laundry, and cleaning up, i am always, always always, holding him. snuggling him. getting him to talk to me.  so if you come over and notice the house is a wreck, it's because i'm trying to do everything one handed.

i love my little boy. almost a little too much really, ty's starting to get jealous.  i honestly thought when he was born that only the diaper parts would be different. i didn't know how much they capture your heart. i'm totally going to be that mom when he is married. it will be hard to let him go. yes, i'm already thinking about his mission for our church and marriage. i told you i'm crazy about him.

*he just found his fists when he's playing on his back. it's hilarious! all of the sudden he'll freeze, stare at his fist and go "where did that come from? whoah! it's moving now!"  ty doesn't think it's half as funny as i do, bleh.


Carol said...

It's amazing how boys and girls are different right from the beginning. I had 3 boys first and when I had Elizabeth it was like WOW she is such a GIRL!!!

Austrie said...

i'd worry more about fighting the girls off him in nursery in a while :) such a stud muffin

Melanie said...

Watching all the babies grow through blogs makes living far from relatives the worst! He sure is cute.

It's different having a boy, isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean by being "that" mom. Before I had kids I was aware of being protective of daughters but had no clue that feeling would be shared with my boys.

Trent & Tara said...

what a chunk i just wanna squeeze his little legs. how fun. btw i love the post below about exercising. I think its great what you do. Also, I just adore your Zumba class. No matter what the most important thing is that you are trying Annie. REally hard, you work it girl. You'll get back before you know it.

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