busy is a four letter word

i always try and stay off the computer during the day now. but the girls are dancing in here and rodney is chatting away in his crib after a nap.

have i mentioned what a jabberbox he is?

ty and i keep debating on whether or not he is our earliest talker/cooer. ty said no, the girls were just like this. i said no, not until around 4 months. and he's been talking for a month now. i mean, he loves to talk to you and fill you in on his day. it's like he wakes up in the morning and is all, "hello! i'm here!" we went to our good friends' baby blessing and rodney talked all during the ceremony. he was like, "way to go dude! i just got blessed too!" it was perfect.

so yeah, rodney talks a lot.

and we are still limping through this "back to school phase".

everyday i feel like my life is so busy. so busy. so busy. but i know i'll read this in 10 years and just laugh my butt off. you thought that was busy? ha!

*i have the best video of him talking and cannot get it on here. blast. someone help me out here.

ty took this on his labor day hike with mike.

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Deborah said... really are as busy as you will ever be. ( unless you have four MORE kids in the same time frame you had these...LOL)

and I always thought getting back into the routine of school days was really hard too. I loved the un-schedule of the summertime.

and with Rodney past the itty bitty newborn phase you are over the hump--I think you are doing AWESOME!

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