don't come over to our house

it moved in on saturday. sunday we thought it was gone...nope.
monday morning by 10am, we thought it was gone...nope.
this morning it decided to latch on to other members of the family.

stupid virus. worse house guest ever.

but you can come over once he leaves. we now have 2 nice mattresses for our guest bedroom. are you going to come try them out? we'd love to see you!

but here is a fun clip of roddy talking. isn't he dreamy?
(apologies for my bedroom voice on the video)


Toni said...

That is so cute,I love it when they start talking,He just might be an early talker. HE IS GETTING SO BIG.Darling boy..

Terril Family said...

Oh man. He came to our house yesterday too :(

But that clip of Rodney is the cutest. What a sweet boy :)

Bowler Family said...

Oh no!! I saw on Tara's blog her kids were sick too. She must have been the rat that brought home the plague!! Barfing is oh so terrible!

Melanie said...

Darn. Can't get the movie to work. Sure hope you guys feel better soon though.

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