get a blog, it makes your life look awesome.

I have to admit, when I spend some time to look back over my blog I love it. For several different reasons. The main reason is because it is a great journal for what’s going on with the kidlets. But another reason is because it makes my life look better than it ever really is.  Seriously, it’s the perfect way to pretend like you have an awesome life. I can see the pictures of our kids and home, the ones that I WANT people to see. Not the real ones. With the diapers lying around everywhere and the piles of dishes in the sink and the bottle soaking on the counter that had 3 day old fermented milk in it. I can recount all the cute and fun things that happen in our life. And with little kids, there are a lot of cute and fun things. But there are also a lot of not fun and not cute things.

For example, I don’t blog about how the kids keep fighting each other all day long and smacking each other with their tone bells mallot. I don't blog about the arguments between husband and wife behind closed doors. I don’t blog about the piles of dirty laundry in the closets and the piles of clean laundry on the beds and couches. Because who wants to remember those things? Not I. I want to remember all the good, add a little embellishment to it and then block out all the crap.

Like this last post about Sundays? I’ve had more than a few remarks about it.  “Sundays are the worst!” all the moms say. And it’s true, taking your kids to 3 hours of church every Sunday is not a fun thing in any way shape or form. Especially if you have to do it Now, to be clear, this past Sunday was actually quite normal. The kids fought about what to wear and how to do their hair. I had to yell at everyone more than a few times to get to get their scriptures! and get your tights on! We forgot to hand in our tithing, again. We were late and got crappy hard seats in the back. My feet were too fat for my shoes and killing me the entire time. Rodney had to nurse twice in 3 hours. Phoebe was horrible during sacrament meeting and to top it off slammed her fingers in the chapel door. I had to walk around with a crying baby for the majority of the time. I don’t remember one thing that was taught in any of my classes.

But, and this is a tremendously huge but, I was able to take our sacrament and start all over again. And that is what I want to remember.  I want to remember watching Ty put Rodney’s tie on. And having the girls tell me happily about what they learned in Primary. Having Phoebe actually go and stay in nursery.  I want to remember all the smiling faces and “hellos” that I get each Sunday.  Because those are the sweet memories. The ones I hold on to. So when I’m older I can look at all the blog books and think, “man, my life was so wonderful!” and not remember how incredibly difficult it was to manage all these little children 24 hours a day.

So, if your feeling down and out. Start a blog! It will make everyone, and you, think that your life is better than it actually is! 


Danna Banana said...

Amen sister. Brilliant post. How did we get so frightened by mistakes that we felt like sharing them was bad?

Jaclyn R. said...

You just summed my life up totally. I have 5 kids under 5. You can read my blog at Again, very thoughtful post and I'm so glad for once, there's a REAL mom blogger!

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